Apuleius and His Elizabethan Party Game

Recall in my previous paper A Thousand Kisses: Catullus, Shakespeare, and Jonson, I noted Catullus’ “Lesbia” is an alias. Apuleius gave four such examples in *Apologia 10*:

Catullus’ alias Lesbia : real name Clodia
Ticida’s Perilla : Metella
Propertius’ Cynthia : Hostia
Tibullus’ Delia : Plania

It has been noted that all these aliases are metrical matches with the real names.

Surely, we can now play the “Elizabethan Metrical Match” game:

Gullio is a metrical match with Southampton.

If you substitute Aphrodite (Greek) for Venus (Roman) to match the Greek Adonis… Aphrodite is a metrical match with Elizabeth.

Adonis … Southampton

Lesbia … Good Queen Bess

Titania … Elizabeth

Bottom … Oxford / Essex / Leicester

William Shakespeare … Edward de Vere (or Edward Oxford). Except de Vere signed himself ‘Edward Oxenford’, which isn’t. Almost!

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