Map of Prospero’s Island

bishops map - Copy

Figure 1. Temple of Jerusalem from the Bishops’ Bible (f.p. 1568).


Per Figure 1 Comparables in The Tempest
Layer 1 (inner circle) ‘The temple’ Prospero’s cell. Compare ‘They all enter the circle which Prospero had made’. (V.i.57, s.d.)
Layer 2 ‘The habitation of kinges And the pristes’ ‘Location: Before Prospero’s cell.’ (I.ii; III.i; IV.i; V.i, textual notes): Prospero, Miranda, Ferdinand
Layer 3 ‘The habitation of the Noble Cytyzens. And of the the prophecies within the walls’ ‘Location: Another part of the island.’ (II.i; III.iii, textual notes): Alonso, Sebastian, Antonio, Gonzalo, Adrian, Francisco
Layer 4 (outer layer) ‘The habitation of the Common people in the City of Jherusalem withoute the walls of the Citie’ ‘Location: Another part of the island.’ (II.ii; III.ii, textual notes): Caliban, Trinculo, Stephano (the heathen)
Six gates located in Layer 4 (1) ‘the porte of the well of Siloe’

See Nehemiah 3:15: ‘the gate of the fountaine’

Compare Caliban’s ‘The fresh springs’ (I.ii.338) and ‘the best springs’. (II.ii.160)
(2) ‘the fishe porte’

See Neh. 3:3: ‘the fish porte’

Compare Caliban’s ‘No more dams I’ll make for fish’. (II.ii.180)
(3) ‘the gate of the old fish poole’

See Neh. 3:6: ‘the gate of the olde fishpoole’

Compare Trinculo’s ‘A fish, he smells / like a fish; a very ancient and fish-like smell’. (II.ii.25-6)
(4) ‘the Dunghill porte’

See Neh. 3:14: ‘the dung porte’

Compare Trinculo’s ‘I do smell all horse-piss’. (IV.i.199)
(5) ‘the Valley gate of Josaphat’

See Neh. 3:13: ‘the valley gate’

See Joel 3:12: ‘Let the heathen be wakened, and come vp to the vallei of Iehoshaphat: for there wil I sit to iudge all the heathen rounde about.’ (Geneva, 1560 ed.: emphasis added)
(6) ‘the Shepe gate’

See Neh. 3:1: ‘the shepegate’

Compare Trinculo’s ‘My / best way is to creep under his [Caliban’s] gaberdine’. (II.ii.37-8) Gabardine is a wool fabric; hence there must be sheep on the island.

Note: All quotations of The Tempest are from The Riverside Shakespeare, Second Edition, ed. G. Blakemore Evans, et al. (Boston, 1997).

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