ShaxCat: A Kwartersomers Nite Dreem

I bees lyke da moth and I flys roun n roun. I tells my tail 4 all 2 hears.

Da widdle boi he wheareth a grene kap. He kums from da spy-see Indean heir. He be part gumbo. An mixxes wit da pott of roux. He not know how he kameth mixt upp tho’. teehee.

Da okra boi’s not know whos wombe pod he cometh outta. Mizz Titanic she knows. But dues not tells. She makez da okra boi carrie her silkie wingz so dey knot touchie da forrest flore. She gitz madd at da King Obieronkeynobie. He takez da okra boi. He falls down on his widdle okra pod. And getz sum attenshion. Mizz Titanic getz bak da boi. And tells da King to fine hiz own okra boi. He not mezz upp her gumbo!!

– o –

Da Puke guy fliez bye wit his sappy flour. And sprayz Mizz Titanic in da eies whileth she goes nappy.

She doth waketh uppeth and seez da bottom of da beastie thang. And her hart go thumpie thump. She luvs him. She not know he be a beastie thang. He not know he be a beastie thang. He know what girlies like tho’. teehee. He eatz da hay outta her hand. She lieks dat!! And she fluffies his donkee ears and shax the wax outta dem. He itchies his harry legg. She letz him has his weigh.

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