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Well heck. Of course I had a brilliant idea for a brilliant article but then the dumbbutt in me decided to look up the “facts” on the internet. Which said “facts” revealed there were guns in Shakespeare’s day. Had there … Continue reading

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Poore Annotations in the de Vere Geneva Bible

Verse Text in the de Vere Geneva Bible Handwritten note Deut 24.12 (VN) Orange poore none Deut 24.14 (VN) Orange pore none Prov 3.10 (VN) Orange x poore Black Eccles 5.7 (VN) Orange poore Poo[ ] Orange Isaiah 29.19 not … Continue reading

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Pretty Rugged

Driving in to work today I heard something I’ve never heard before on the radio… something funny. I don’t know if the two boys yacking are locals or syndicates so apologies up front if you’ve heard this one before. Apparently … Continue reading

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