My Day Today

Well this has not turned into a very nice day. A very nice day not so nice I’m sad to say.

For although I have made plans and arrangements of the most careful skill still the world tends to upset even the best. The best being me.

For today was supposed to be a most special day. A most special day for beginning a new adventure. A new adventure of a new special petsuasion.

For yes I have yearned for a new pet for a very long time now. A very long time now longer than I can remember. I can remember when I had those awesome pets long, long ago. Long, long ago when said pets were a rare treat indeed. A rare treat indeed. A rare treat indeed so rare only once in a lifetime have I had the pleasure of in treating. In treating those pets I called my dear friends.

For ’tis a sad fact that today of all days said today the sea monkey shelter was out of said see apery.

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