The Life Less Taken

Review of The Last Temptation of Christ starring Willem Dafoe.

I have tremendous empathy for Jesus of Nazareth. It is a difficult life to live up to others’ expectations and to agonize over not only which way is correct but if that chosen way is really and truly the correct way. It is a terrible burden to guess how to live one’s own life through the eyes of another.

*The Last Temptation of Christ* offers an exceptional view into Jesus’ life as a human being… His thoughts, his concerns, his fears, his desires, his needs are all given attention and we see his oft-saddened face and realize he is struggling to do the unknown to live up to a set of undefined, but yet perceived expectations.

Director Martin Scorsese is to be highly commended for bringing us this well-written film of the life of a man who created his own destiny via his love of God.

One wonders what the world would be like today had Jesus not beared the cross and lived his life as God truly intended man to live… a life long before the grave.

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