Today’s Lunch

I must admit today’s lunch was a bit unusual for me. Why? Well, most days I pick up lunch via the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A. Today was no exception.

Why the unusual lunch then? Well, for one I ordered the Spicy Chicken Club with pepper jack cheese and a large root beer. Pretty much my standard fare this week.

What I got was a small root beer, and a sack with waffle fries and a bagged sandwich. Huh? The small root beer I immediately noticed and traded for the large. The contents of the sack I didn’t notice until I got home.

Usually the club sandwich comes in a styrofoam box so I was a bit miffed with the bagged version. This version lacked the usual lettuce and tomatoes which I usually throw out anyway so no harm done. The fries were a bonus but that is okay too.

What really fouled up my lunch was the root beer. Even though I made it home with the proper size it was not properly marked. Yes, that’s right. The Coke, Lem, Dr P chicken heads on the lid were not squished down as they ought to have been to denote root beer.

Root beer without the squished chicken heads. Not a pretty way to end one’s lunch.

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