de Facto Names

Per Handbook for Fictitious Names, Olphar Hamst [Ralph Thomas], London: John Russell Smith, 1868; subtitled “Being a guide to authors, chiefly in the lighter literature of the XIXth century, who have written under assumed names; and to literary forgers, imposters, plagiarists, and imitators”:

p. 41 – de Boscosel de Chastelard (Pierre) aristonym [W. H. Ireland]

p. 41 – de Comyne (Alexander) aristo. [Charles Thomas Browne, of Trinity College, Dublin]

p. 42 – de Mirecourt (Eugene), aristonym [Charles-Jean-Baptiste Jacquot, de Mirecourt, Vosges, France]

p. 42 – de Pembroke (Morgan) aristonym [Morgan Evans]

So might it stand to reason:

de Vere (Edward) aristonym [William Shakespeare]


Just for fun:

Compare King Henry V, Act II, scene I, Nym: “I shall have my noble?”

Compare King Henry V, Act III, scene II, Boy: “Nym and Bardolph are sworn brothers in filching… “


BTW, Dr. Stritmatter, farnsworth did not write knitwitted did.

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